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The Tweet Comes Back! (עוד חוזר הציוץ)

This article was recently published on Globes, the leading Israeli business/market paper, covering our research on information flows on Twitter during the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. Tal Schneider (@talschneider), the article’s author, was especially interested in our findings around homophily: journalists tend to retweet other journalists, bloggers retweet bloggers, etc. Tal does a great job explaining the shift happening in news consumption, with many journalist personal accounts becoming significantly more successful than their respective media outlet.

Now the question is, if and when Twitter will finally hit Israel (if at all)? Now that there’s Hebrew support, language isn’t as big of an issue. Perhaps with the upcoming resurgence of the social justice movement?

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  • Russ

    Shalom Gilad. Interesting points made as to how journo’s are becoming more popular than their publications (on Twitter). I’m surprised, however, that Twitter hasn’t taken off in Israel. Admittedly I only follow the English-language posters, so my access to information is limited. Things here, as you can imagine, change on a daily basis. it’s hard to comprehend that from my office window (in Tel Hai) I can see Syria. But despite the nearby slaughter, and ever-present threat of war, my concerns lie with the State of Israel and the growing authoritarianism over its people.


    I agree with the protesters, but even if I did not, I do support their right to assemble, and their right to freedom of speech. This is slipping away here. The leaders of the movements had their homes searched and were questioned weeks ago. No warrants were issued.

    A journalist friend just went to an asian/euro top leaders conference. The only thing discussed: how to get the rabble to swallow extreme austerity.

    According to him, “It’s the future. Extreme Austerity –> Hollow states. The anti-terrorism budget is refocused on internal/domestic threats. It’s everywhere.”

    Prison planet.

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