pagination using php, javascript and html

Earlier this week I set out to build a little webapp – essentially a visual, easy-to-use wrapper over a mySQL database which included a wide array of data. Naturally, I set to add pagination to the app, along with filtering functionality. Automatically, I set out to search the web for pre-written modules. I [...]

Making round DIVs

Here’s the image-based method I used to make rounded DIVs. Use the following HTML code along with the CSS properties and .gif files. The results are a lot of fun and look quite good:


displaying Hebrew characters with PHP and MySQL

I’ve been working on a little application that grabs data from Hebrew news sites into a mySQL database.

While working on this mini-project I’ve realized that there is hardly any online tutorials on using the Hebrew font. Here’s my solution which is fairly simple and works effectively.

Step 1) Set the HTML page charset encoding [...]