The state of Tabasco is 80% underwater: Mexico’s Katrina

Again I’m facing the same burning question that asked half a year ago when I was working on Indigi-Net – Looking at ways that travelers can serve as the extension of the network and participate in local initiatives. In my exploration last year, I found that it was extremely difficult to find information on causes [...]

Thesis Paper Online

I’ve finally made some edits, and fluffed up a nice page for my thesis paper. I figured that at least the background & research parts could be useful for someone. Just as others were kind enough to place their research online.

Just spreading the love:Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â [...]

Mobile Phones for the Dev. World

Mobile phones hold the potential to empower local communities in the developing world, lowering the entrance barrier and providing innovative services, especially when linked to the web. Indigi-Net uses the mobile phone network to its advantage, realizing two important points. The first acknowledges the fact that most tourists nowadays travel with their mobile phones. More [...]

Technology in the Developing World – making sense locally…

Even though many villages in the developing world lack basic amenities, where people live through a vicious cycle, suspended in between life and death on a daily basis, technology can still have unexpectedly useful applications. Especially in locations which lack land-line telecommunications, you see more and more people carrying and sharing cellphones. “A few [...]

Skill Giving

Is giving soap to villagers in India a thoughtless act? But is it okay to give money to adult beggars? By handing out sweets am I actually helping create more cavities in a child’s teeth? Instead of candy, how about giving meat? I mean, eating meat is a luxury in villages and deprived communities. But [...]

Responsible Travel, VolunTourism and “the Invitation” for Exchange

I was very excited to read the following post by Ethan Zuckerman on Global Souls and xenophilia, the attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs. He argues that isolationist nationalism holds grave economically suicidal circumstances in this increasingly globalized world. The Global Souls, he describes, are best placed to create solutions to global problems, to [...]

Have You Ever

My submitted essay to the New York Times – “Win a Trip With Nick Kristof” Competition:

Have you ever chosen your seat on a bus, according to where you would be harmed least if a suicide bomber decided to detonate? [...]

X,000,000s of Travelers + Different Skillsets = Infinite Possible Connections

Finally I’m starting to get more and more into this idea that I’ve been working on. The site is looking nicer, and most of the functionality is already there.

Each of us has this great potential, according to our backgrounds, knowledge and abilities. Especially when in a foreign setting, our skills may serve as [...]

So Where did the 250$ go?

Right before my trip to Mexico, over the period of two and a half days, together with the help of the fantastic ITP community, we managed to raise a little over 250 USD. I couldn’t find enough information online regarding specific initiatives that would directly affect people or local initiatives, and promised ITP that this [...]

from white sand to white snow

Whew! Its so weird to be back in New York.

Truly a transformative journey; In all senses. Am completely knackered now. I forgot how much time it takes just to get into the hang of traveling. Acclimatize, change from NY mentality and start understanding whats going on. At first, it was hard to escape [...]