Mapping Twitter’s Python and Data Science Communities

Last month I gave a tutorial at the Pydata NYC conference on my work using Python’s Networkx library and the open source graphing tool, Gephi. The tutorial covers some fundamental social network theory and then highlights a methodology which I commonly use to analyze communities on Twitter. Here I mapped out the embedded social network [...]

David Kord Murray – “Borrowing Brilliance”

I’m very excited about the new Speaker Series that MSR New England has kicked off today, featuring David Kord Murray, author of Borrowing Brilliance: The Six Steps to Business Innovation by building on the ideas of others. David gave a solid talk, emphasizing the importance of two aspects in the process of being “creative”: Borrowing [...]

Presenting imPulse at TEX meetup

Yes, a month has already passed and I have only just now got around to uploading my presentation from TEX to slideshare – a meetup for those seeking skills trade, collaboration, inspiration, techniques, and exposure to topics with an emphasis on fiber, physical computing, textiles, wearables, and all matters of materials. I gave a half [...]


Last night I went to a Hollywood Hill event, a fantastic LA based non-profit which brings together Hollywood creatives around social good. This time Benjamin Barber presented his thought provoking arguments on globalization, interdependence and the impact of consumerist culture.

He described an erosion in the concept of sovereignty, which, today is meaningless. There is [...]

Bill Buxton @ KAIST

Principal researcher at Microsoft Research –

Sketching and Interaction Design:

Hardware and Software have to be merged, and not kept separated. They’re not sufficient on their own. Design (as an industrial designer sees it) does not exist in software. What is quintessential design activity? Sketching. This is an activity that is seen everywhere where [...]

Ethan Zukerman Talk

Went to an inspiring talk by Ethan Zukerman today. He touched very interesting points, and had numerous details about African countries that I know nothing about.

It is less useful to speak on behalf of people. We need to point to them and let them speak. Today’s internet connects 1 billion people. The next billion [...]