Mapping Twitter’s Python and Data Science Communities

Last month I gave a tutorial at the Pydata NYC conference on my work using Python’s Networkx library and the open source graphing tool, Gephi. The tutorial covers some fundamental social network theory and then highlights a methodology which I commonly use to analyze communities on Twitter. Here I mapped out the embedded social network [...]

Seeing your Invisible Audience

::Making Sense of the Ebbs and Flow of Social Data

Below are notes + slides of my presentation at the BRANDSconf. I’d like to acknowledge Hunter Whitney. Portions of this content were based on a discussion and an upcoming article he is writing on this topic (link coming shortly):

I’m extremely passionate about data analysis [...]

The Repercussions of Eden Abergil’s Actions: a country’s worst nightmare

Imagine a reality where for a day, Snookie from Jersey Shore becomes the single most visible representative of American military and foreign agenda around the world. A world where whatever she says, is taken as representative of an organization that she is not even remotely a part of. As frightening as that thought may be, [...]

From Pages to Streams

Thought provoking article on Techcrunch about the shift from dedicated web pages to real-time streams.

“The stream is winding its way throughout the Web and organizing it by nowness.”

This real-time stream has been building for a while. It began with RSS, but is now so much stronger and swifter, encompassing not just periodic news [...]

The Insider & Facebook connect

More and more sites using Facebook connect (a platform which allows integration of FB content on external sites) are popping up. CBS’s celebrity gossip site TheInsider is among the first to do so. Anyone can log in using their Facebook ID, and then can choose to have any comments, article votes, or poll responses show [...]

Project Living Profiles :: the moodmeter

For the past several months I’ve been working with the living profiles team at the Art Center College of Design. The project is part of the larger HealthDesign initiative, designing new open-source methods for keeping personal health records and sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Here’s a framing of our project:

The [...]

On sympathy groups and why I diss(like) Twitter

Overload [def]:: to load to excess; overburden; fill to excess so that function is impaired – precisely how i feel about social networking sites recently. Plunged from their initial excitement to being yet another procrastination tool – one that minimizes the already little amount of sincere conversations I have with friends. Even though Twitter seems [...]