Talks and Presentations

3/13/2012 – SXSW solo presentation: The Math that Matters in the Realtime Web

2/21/2012 – MAAWG Keynote

2/17/2012 – Washington Post Social Media Week Panel: Election 2012 and the Fight for the Internet

2/15/2012 – University of Arizona Eller College of Management: Drawing Insight from Social Streams

2/14/2012 – Microsoft Social Media Week Panel: More than Likes can Say

1/26/2012 – NYC SmallSquares Presentation: Designing with Data

1/25/2012 – Rutgers Yahoo! Data Science Seminar: The Right Tweet at the Right Time, understanding information flows in the age of Twitter

1/18/2012 – Betalabs session on Network Graph Analysis and Visualization using Gephi (code)

12/8/2011 – IAC Hatch Labs: Mapping Information Flows

12/3/2011 – NewsFOO

11/16/2011 – Crosby Gathering: Unspoken Challenges of Working with Big Data

11/9/2011 – NYC BrandsConf: Seeing your Invisible Audience

11/2/2011 – MIT Center for Civic Media: Mapping Media Ecosystems (video)

9/27/2011 – Online Publisher’s Association

9/21/2011 – NYC Strata Summit: Visualization Demos

9/15/2011 – TummelVision

8/16/2011 – Hubspot Brown Bag: Mapping Information Flows

7/21/2011 – ICWSM Workshop: The Future of the Social Web

7/19/2011 – ICWSM Invited Panel: Is Social Media Making News Generation and Consumption Better?

6/15/2011 – 140Conf NYC: Seeing your Invisible Audience (video)


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